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Christian has become my preferred Dutch immigration lawyer to which I refer my clients who need a work and residence permit. Christian is responsive, direct, clear and gets it done in the time frame he says it takes. Expatlaw ensures we or our clients do not have worry about anything ourselves, they just take care of it.
Ton Krol, Blue Clue Tax Solutions

Thank you Christian ! I got my DAFT resident permit card last week. Will use your office again for the renewal.
Solena Jansen

I would highly recommend Expatlaw. Christian was very knowledgeable and always available to talk when I had questions. He made the process of getting my DAFT visa a pleasant experience.
Liam Dean

There are only a few companies in the Netherlands that exclusively focus on business and family migration, Expatlaw is one of them. I have known Chris for more than 10 years now, handling the tax and accounting side of many of Chris’ clients. Chris has a very American way of working, what many of his clients appreciate and for most of them, that is the reason why they decide to engage his services. Chris is a reliable advisor and he is more than capable to guide you through the process of obtaining a Dutch residency permit.
Patricia van der Hut, Broadstreet Payroll Services B.V.

Chris has been a very huge help with my transition here. He's made sure everything I needed was done correctly the first time and I've been nothing but grateful for the advise he's given me. Super helpful and very efficient.
Gavin Speight

Chris has been incredible this entire experience of moving to the Netherlands. My wife and I now have our residence permits and 30% ruling living in Utrecht. There were many steps to undertake but with Chris' knowledge and experience it made a complicated procedure very easy. He knew all the next steps and right answers because he's done this successfully many times. Chris gave us lots of great advice beyond our legal needs and it made our move go very smoothly. In the past my wife and I did not think we could make such a move because my wife had an old criminal offense for marijuana. Chris knew exactly how to approach this so we would have all the proper paperwork in order for our application. I don't think our move would have been possible without him. The bottom line is Expat Law was invaluable to our relocation and have continued to be an invaluable resource since we've arrived.
Clint Smith

I highly recommend Expatlaw. I had some challenge with my residence permit and Christian offered great advice . He just listens to you very patiently and provide solution to the problem very calmly and easily. He is really approachable, helpful and knows everything so well. His advice really helped me. I will definitely use his services if needed again and even refer friends/colleagues.
Divya Gautam

Chris Barth is very experienced in Dutch law in helping expats maneuver the immigration process here. He is very approachable and his easy demeanor is a huge asset. I would recommend any expat considering obtaining a Dutch Residence Permit to contact Chris for a very honest and professional handling of your application. Big thanks
Manny Fernandez

I highly recommend Chris' service - he was clear and to the point, responsive, and supportive. Received my DAFT residence permit with as little hassle as possible. Thanks!
Ali Ezzeddine

Very smooth process, got my DAFT permit and I’m good to go!! Highly recommend.
Amina Zena

I contacted Expat Law Dutch Visas when I found out I was not eligible for Italian citizenship through my grandfather but still wanted to move to Europe. Chris was very encouraging and made the whole process easy. He also calmed all my worries when things were not happening as quickly as I had expected. Chris is very personable, unlike any other lawyer I've met, and he made us feel like it was all a piece of cake. And it was! Even when there were little snags, he fixed them easily and we had our Residency cards before we knew it. Now I'm a resident of the Netherlands and will apply for citizenship in five years. Thanks Chris!
Kass McGann

I highly recommend Expatlaw. I didn't know anything about what I needed to do. Christian offered great advice and made getting my DAFT visa easy. He is very communicative, responds to you in a timely manner and guides you through each step of the way.
C Geoffrion

Christian does excellent work. My DAFT was up for renewal, but I had been very slow and naive the previous two years regarding business activity. This resulted in a denial of my original renewal application. He was able to present my appeal in an honest, straightforward way, and my denial was overturned. I now have residency for an additional TWO years— which gives me plenty of time to get the hang of this business thing and remain on track! Thanks again Christian, you're truly a life saver!!!!!!!
Shanovia Parks

My experience with Expatlaw Dutch Visas and Christian have been very positive. I called Christian in panic to explain my situation, and he calmed me down and told me exactly what to do next. I am very thankful that they were able to win my case, I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal advice.
Fidan Jafarli

Best Lawyer in Amsterdam, great service. I would recommend here.
Haque Haque

Christian helped me with my DAFT application back in 2017. He was extremely friendly and professional, and made the process stress-free, allowing me to focus on starting my new life as an expat in Amsterdam. Highly, highly recommended to anyone who's interested in working and living in the Netherlands through the DAFT!
Nathaneil Ward

Highly recommend Expatlaw! Christian helped me change my resident permit, set up a business, and more recently to secure my visa extension. I especially appreciate his reliability, honesty and calmness during an otherwise stressful time.
Elle Weisberg

I needed help applying for a new permit (change of purpose of stay) and Expatlaw made the process so stress-free! Great communication and the additional assistance setting up my business was very helpful.
Kathleen K

I’ve used Expatlaw several times in the past three years for immigration advice and legal services. Most recently they’ve helped me to set up my BV and successfully apply for a DAFT visa, despite my complex situation. Christian’s knowledge and advice has been invaluable throughout this process.
Stephen West

I have been working with Christian and his team since April. From day 1 they have been great to work with. Held my hand through switching my visa type, starting a ZZP business, doing immigration stuff in regards to that, and helping me extend my wife's visa as well. A straight forward, do this, do that, type approach. I never had to think about anything, just follow Christian's directions! Highly recommended! Thanks!
Adam Scior

Chris has helped with my original DAFT application and a recent renewal. In both cases, his knowledge of the process and guidance along the way ensured the process went seamlessly. I would certainly recommend him to anyone requiring DAFT related services.
Diseye Isoun

They were super helpful and informative. They made the process of obtaining my visa easy and almost stress free. I felt like I was in very good hands the whole time. I would highly recommend using them for obtaining your visa.
Scott Makowske

Christian is an absolute lifesaver! I recommend 100% to use Expat Law when moving to the Netherlands or changing your visa to save yourself time and stress.
I attempted to apply for my partnership visa and thought I had everything in check only to have my visa rejected after 3 months of waiting and then being given a deportation notice of 4 weeks.
I instantly e-mailed Christian at Expat Law and he called me as soon as he got my message and arranged a meeting with me instantly. Christian even put his vacation on hold just to see me and review my case.
Thanks to Christian I was not deported and I now have a 5 year residency visa within the Netherlands. His fast response and quick handling of my case was outstanding and I am very grateful to him for his knowledge, quick communication and the positive outcome that Expat Law was able to achieve in such a short space of time.
I highly recommend Expat Law, it will make your life and visa application a lot easier.
James Lawless

Christian was very helpful and the process was very smooth in obtaining Dutch residency and starting up a business. He was very patient and attentive in guiding me through every step. I would highly recommend Expat law Dutch Visas.
Geoffrey Harwood

Amazing assistance from Christian - always kept us informed as to what was happening and the procedure we needed to follow. Have no reservation in recommending him for your needs.
Justin de Chalain

I would highly recommend Christian, as he is very knowledgeable and provided me a fast response with the questions/concerns I had as an expat here in The Netherlands. He even personally called me on my cell phone on a weekend when he found information that was beneficial for my particular situation. Thank you Christian for all your help!
Sarah Yu

Christian was extremely communicative and professional as well as successful in obtaining my work visa as a US citizen working in the Netherlands. A very efficient process which made me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend using Christian.
Laura Lisowski

Thanks to Christians knowledge and advise we had no issues getting my husbands residence permit. If you are looking for good and serious advise or to ease your way through the process, I definitely believe it is worth getting his help. Many thanks and all the best!
G Fernandez

Highly recommended. I came to Netherlands four months ago without work or a partner from the US. I just picked up my residence card this week. Thanks to Christian's diligence and experience, I was able to obtain my Freelancer Visa and focus my business interests in Amsterdam. I had debated trying to navigate the system on my own and am extremely happy that instead I selected Expatlaw Dutch Visas.
Dawn Jenkin

I contacted Christian for help with my visa as an American start-up here in the Netherlands. I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the legal paperwork and had absolutely no idea where to begin, and of course all of these things require a lot of effort and energy so I feel it is even more important to know what you're doing. Christian was above and beyond helpful in walking me through the steps required, making sure I got all of the documents that I needed, and even was very helpful when (since the paperwork for some things take really long) I needed extensions to get documents needed, facilitating the extensions so that everything could run smoothly. I would most definitely recommend.
Julie Smolenski

My husband and I were very happy with how smoothly our immigration to the Netherlands was, thanks to Christian Barth at Expatlaw Dutch Visas. With his guidance and expertise, we were successfully able to get our 2 year self-employment visas, and subsequently, our 5 year renewal visas.
Sheree Stewart

Mr Barth was very helpful, him and his team. Know what they're doing. Highly recommended for any kind of visa. Interaction with Dutch authorities can be somewhat complicated, especially for newcomers. Expatlaw Dutch Visas made this process much easier and with reasonable pricing.
Asaf Oz

Expatlaw has been instrumental in obtaining and maintaining our permits. I'm very grateful for their help!
Russell Adams

I have been extremely satisfied with Chris Barth of Expatlaw - his communication is responsive and thorough and his expertise in the area of Dutch immigration is very impressive. I'd recomment Expatlaw to any friends coming to NL.
Daniel Hengeveld

Trying to get a DAFT visa myself was too daunting a task to do myself so I had Chris help me with the process. He's been doing this for such a long time that he knows every single detail, even the best Immigration office to set an appointment for the best efficiency. He made the process quick and easy for me. I received my visa in record time. I could not ask for more. After two years, he's helping me renew the visa now. Thanks!!
Joey Teng

Christian is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with! I highly recommend Expatlaw for your visa/residence permit needs.
Laura Eakes

Very comprehensive, detailed, timely legal assistance for our self employment visas. Mr. Barth also served as a reference in our house rental application process before the visas were fully processed.
Brent Carlile

Chris absolutely exceeded my expectations delivering prompt, knowledgeable, and crisp support. In speaking to him, it is easy to see that his enthusiasm is fueled by a sincere and selfless motivation to help. He really takes the time to listen which is, unfortunately, not something you can always expect in this space. Thanks Chris!

Christian helped me with an IND appeal for a self-employed Visa. Got it taken care of right away, and I received an answer much sooner than I expected. Would recommend.
Chris Soares

Excellent! Clear, helpful and personally met us at our appointments to make sure all was proper and correct!
Paige Mcfall

A reliable company that will make your job easier. I highly recommend working with Christian.
Fatma Nur Depboylu

Chris is very responsive, he listens to the problem and gave clear options ahead of us. He is very patient and gave us all the time to explain the situation with the IND. Lucky that we found Chris to handle our situation with the dutch immigration laws.
Rahul Mishrah

Very efficient and knowledgable. Gets the job done.
Peter Wieben

Christian helped me since day 1 answering all my questions about the process to get my papers done with the IND and guided me through the whole process. I definitely recommend Expatlaw Dutch Visas services.

I am very thankful to Christian for all his support, help, and information he has provided me through my application, and made this process straightforward. I would highly recommend him.

Highly recommend. Informative, efficient and clear communication. Have used them for years, and have changed permits a few times now. I'm confident to work with them knowing that I'm in good hands.
Darren Smith

Christian successfully led me through the Dutch visa process and I am very grateful for his help. He is responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using his services to navigate the Dutch visa process. Thank you, Christian!
Anne Politsch

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