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Dutch Residence Permits for Individuals

Do you want to live and work in the Netherlands? Or bring your partner to live with you here?

Dutch residence permits are issued only for specific reasons, such as staying with a partner, working as an employee or in self-employment, or looking for work as a highly skilled migrant. The basic requirements for a residence permit are:

  1. a valid passport
  2. no criminal record (with some exceptions)
  3. no risk to public order, national peace or security
  4. sufficent means of support
  5. health insurance with a Dutch insurer
  6. meeting the requirements associated with the reason of your stay.
Residence Permits for Individuals

The official Dutch approach to immigration is 'restrictive' which means that the rules are strictly applied and many applications are denied by the IND. Others take much longer than necessary because of mistakes made by applicant.

We can help increase the chances that your residence permit application will be approved the first time without delay.

Services for Individuals

We can manage the immigration process for you and your partner. During the application process, we will:

  • Review personal documentation (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • Check document legalizations (apostille)
  • Arrange sworn translations of foreign documents
  • Help schedule local Dutch embassy appointments
  • Check your application complies with all IND rules
  • Registration for Inburgering examination
  • Answer your phone and email messages promptly

Once you arrive in the Netherlands, we'll help you get settled here:

  • Registration with GBA (City Hall)
  • Registration with IND
  • Obtaining BSN (Burger Service Number)
  • Opening Dutch bank account
  • Obtaining Dutch health insurance
  • Providing free summary translations of Dutch documents

After your permit has been issued, we can continue to help you with:

  • Renewing your permit
  • Changing your purpose of stay
  • Permanent Residence
  • Dutch citizenship
  • de-registration upon your departure from Holland

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