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Dutch Self-Employment Visas

Foreign investors can get a Dutch residence permit by starting or investing in a business in the Netherlands. The required investment depends on your nationality and financial situation.

Citizens of the United States of America and Japan

Dutch Self Employed Business Owners

The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty and the Japanese-Dutch Friendship Treaty allow citizens of both countries to be self-employed and establish a business in the Netherlands, without having to prove a substantial benefit to the Dutch national interest.

The minimum business investment is 4500 euros. Any kind of small business or self-employment can qualify, except the practice of law or medicine. It's also possible to purchase an existing business.

Wealthy Immigrants

Foreign entrepreneurs with over 1,250,000 euros in verified financial assets may qualify for a wealthy immigrant residence permit, which allows self-employment without any restriction or review by the IND.

Self-employment Points Test for other non-EU nationals

A points test is used to determine if your application for self-employment is in the Dutch national interest. The successful applicant must score a minimum of 90 points out of a potential 300 points, with at least 30 points earned in each of three categories:

  • Personal experience (diplomas, past success as an entrepreneur, high income earner)
  • Business Plan (market analysis, organization, financing)
  • Benefit to the Netherlands (innovation, job creation, size of investment)

In practice, the points test favors experienced foreign entrepreneurs who are investing over 100,000 euros and creating new jobs in the Netherlands besides their own. These individuals typically already own successful businesses in other countries.

Highly Educated Migrants

Graduates with Master's Degrees can start an innovative company in the Netherlands by scoring at least 45 points in each of the first two self-employment points test categories.

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