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Dutch Work Permits for Employers

Do you want to bring an international employee to the Netherlands for full-time work or a temporary assignment?

In most cases, employers need a work permit to hire individuals from outside the EU for work to be performed in the Netherlands.

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Dutch work permits are only granted if the employer can demonstrate that no suitable candidates are available from anywhere in the EU labor market. Work permits are not required for some temporary employment or for international employees who qualify as highly skilled migrants.

Managing the immigration process for international workers in-house is not cost-effective if you only have to do it on an occasional basis. We can help you comply with Dutch immigration law, save you time and money, and avoid unnecessary delays in IND processing.

A modest investment in professional service can greatly reduce the financial and legal risks of non-compliance with Dutch immigration law. Doing this work in-house is risky because doing it right requires detailed knowledge of Dutch immigration rules and regulations.

Services for Employers

We can take care of everything you need to ensure the successful relocation of your employee and comply with the law. Our services for employers in the Netherlands include:

  • obtaining work permits for labor migrants, corporate transfers, consultants, etc.
  • establishing new employer office and payroll service in the Netherlands
  • preparing IND applications for individual employees and their family members
  • reviewing employee personal documentation (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) for compliance with IND rules
  • checking document legalizations (apostille)
  • arranging City Hall and IND employee registrations upon arrival in the Netherlands
  • assisting employee to open Dutch bank account
  • assisting employee to obtain Dutch health insurance coverage
  • renewing employee work and residence permits
  • answering your phone and email messages promptly

Until the employee's immigration and work permit status are resolved, the employee can't get a tax number, register as a resident, or start working for the employer.

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