Has the IND rejected your application? Have you been denied a Dutch visa at the border? You only have 28 days to file an appeal. You must act quickly to protect your rights.
The Dutch Immigration Service IND enforces a restrictive immigration policy, particularly with regard to immigration by partners and other family members.   

Some applications are properly denied because the applicant doesn't meet the requirements for the requested residence permit.  Other times, the applicant could have qualified, but the wrong forms were used, or mistakes were made when completing the forms. 

The law gives you just four weeks to respond by fixing your application, providing missing documents, or making your legal argument to the IND why your application should be approved.

If the IND has just denied your application, contact us right away.
With professional help, it's often possible to correct errors by the applicant or the IND in the review process so the permit can be issued. We'll examine the circumstances of your case to see if there is a valid basis for your appeal.  If you have one, then we'll prepare and file your appeal with the IND.   

If the IND rejects your appeal, you can get an impartial judge to rule on your application by filing an appeal with the Aliens Court.  These judges can reverse a negative IND decision if it is found to be in conflict with Dutch or European Union (EU) immigration law or procedure.

If you've already prepared your application but not yet filed it with IND, we can review it for you to make sure there are no mistakes and your documents are correct.

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