Establishing a Dutch branch for your company
Are you expanding your operations into the Netherlands?  Or opening a new business?  

We can act as your legal agent to set up your business operations in the Netherlands and help you comply with local rules and regulations until you arrive and can assume the responsibilities.    

Smart Business Center AlkmaarWe'll watch out for your interests as you start your operations here and help you establish a strong foundation for your business.

We have years of experience advising American and other foreign companies who want to explore new business opportunities in the Netherlands.

These services include:

  • writing the business plan
  • arranging incorporation of Dutch legal entity
  • setting up registered office address and temporary office space
  • registering the business with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • finding local business tax accountant and payroll service
  • opening business bank account in the Netherlands
  • advising the business during its initial year of operation in the Netherlands
  • registering the business with IND for authorization to sponsor highly skilled migrants
  • reviewing and forwarding mail from the Tax Authority, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • referrals to governmental agencies 
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